Studio Renton

The following collection of work are all projects that I have had a key role in creating during my time at Studio Renton. Each one has helped to broaden my understanding of how to use visual composition to solve problems and communicate ideas through elements such as typography, imagery, colour and form. By working alongside peers and clients, I have developed skills in the creation of brand identities that reflects the organization’s personality, tone and essence.


The following are a collection of projects that I produced during my final two years at the University of Nottingham. The unit in which I was based concentrated on the regeneration of forgotten places in and around central London. These projects not only expanded my knowledge of architectural and structural design but also introduced me to aspects of masterplanning, interior and landscape design, enabling me to create buildings with a considered approach of their internal and external environments.


Creating illustrations has always been a passion of mine. The following are examples of some commissioned and personal projects. These have developed my artistic skills, not only through drawing, but also in programs such as illustrator and photoshop. The commissioned work especially has strengthened my ability to solve problems creatively and adapt my style to better suit a brief.


Another passion of mine is photography, with most of my personal work taken with 35mm film. The subject of this photography is commonly architectural since I enjoy capturing the interplay of buildings with the people they inhabit, natural light and their surrounding. As well as film cameras, I am also practiced in the use of DSLR cameras, having had to use them frequently whilst working at Studio Renton. Outside of the studio I have been asked to take photography for a jewellery start up. This work entailed me bringing together several models to wear the jewellery, in addition to composting and editing all of the photos for the client.

Evelyna Hadass

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