The Queen’s Studio

Following on from the previous project, The Queen’s Studio was another exploration into subterranean architecture, resulting in a building that also explores the use of intelligent roofing design to illuminate and ventilate internal spaces. This project is located within Croydon’s disused public garden, within the Fairfield District. The building was designed to become an urban intervention, intended to stimulate the regeneration of the area.

Primarily,  The Queen’s Studio provides studios and workspaces for creative start-ups. This will give people in Croydon, especially students graduating from the Croydon College of Art, the opportunity to work within Croydon rather than moving out to London. 

Ultimately the design of the building was very simple, consisting of two key elements; two floors of studio spaces for various kinds of art practices and a large turbine hall containing office towers, flexible working space, trees and an exhibition ramp. All of this was encased in a sculptural roof that allowed pedestrians views into the internal space.

Natural light and landscaping were key aspects of the design for The Queen’s Studio as both these elements have been proven to reduce stress and sadness and alleviate people’s moods. This was particularly important since 2013 saw Croydon rated the second unhappiest place to live in the UK in a survey by Rightmove. This made the inclusion of wellbeing in this project’s architectural design particularly important.

Fig. 3 Design concept diagram for the project 

Evelyna Hadass

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