Amp Factory

Amp Factory is located in Central Croydon and explores the socio-economic issues that have arisen within the town since the 60s building boom. The aim of this project was to create a prototyping centre that will primarily focus on teaching how to implement new methods of manufacture with the use of sustainable materials, to then refurbish and renovate high-rise buildings, thus improving Croydon’s housing, office and social infrastructure. 

The project formed a master planning proposal for the town through the refurbishment and renovation of the derelict 60s towers that have been identified for conservation by Croydon’s Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF). One of the main aims of the OAPF is to provide “7,300 new homes for 17,000 residents”. In response to this, Project 4 suggests a refurbishment that aims to transform Croydon’s derelict high rise into mixed-use residential, office and social spaces. Making the town a leading example of how cities of the future can be built. 

For this project, the AMP House was refurbished into the Amp Factory to became an exemplar of how these modern manufacturing methods can be used within architectural design to create a sustainable mixed-use building. It is divided into three key sections; offices, central atrium and the prototyping school.

Evelyna Hadass

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