The Pumping Station

The Pumping Station was a two-week project located in Croydon, South London. It aimed to establish a narrative for the site; to bolster, catalyse and to protect its needs whilst bringing a sense of cohesion and vitality to the site. I achieved this through the reconsideration of the public realm around Matthew’s Yard, using the existing square and buildings on the perimeter to create an ‘Urban Room’. This involved working with and reprogramming the various elements on the site; the building that houses Matthew’s Yard collective, an electrical substation, a Victorian pumping station and a 1970’s office building.

The final outcome was the creation of a subterranean architecture which had hydraulically powered features within its design. It consisted of a large flexible space which could transform into a creative market, workspace and night club. The central courtyard was transformed into a mobile cuboid structure that provided light and ventilation into the underground space, whilst acting as public seating in the courtyard above. The Victorian pumping station was hollowed out and turned into a public greenhouse, reminiscent of the Barbican Conservatory.

Evelyna Hadass

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